Adult Remedial

Defensive Driving and Adult Remedial Driving Lessons in Silverton and Goshen, OH

Bick's Driving School of Eastern Cincinnati offers a range of courses for teens and adults of all ages. From Driver's Please take the time to review the variety of classes below, and contact our driving school in Silverton or Goshen, OH to register for your driving lessons today!

Adult Remedial Driving Lessons

For those individuals who were issued a ticket in another state, Bick's Driving School offers a defensive driving course that meets the state's requirement.

Job or Insurance Requirements

Some companies occasionally require employees to take a defensive driving course for various employment or insurance reasons. And similarly, some insurance companies can request that you take a defensive driving course before they insure you

Adult Remedial Driving Lessons

Our Adult Remedial Driving Course Class will be conducted for eight hours at a time with two breaks throughout with a 30-minute break for lunch. The breaks will not count towards your required eight hours to graduate. Each driver is required to participate and pass a written test with score of at least 75% to be awarded a certificate. All drivers are allowed to retake the test two other times; at that point, failure to pass the test will require retaking the entire class over again. The tuition fee will be collected on the day you take the class.

Suspended Driver's License

For those drivers who had their driver's license suspended due to of too many points on your record, OVI, or FRA (no insurance), you will need to take this course each time your driver's license is suspended.

2-Point Credit Class

For drivers that have accrued two to eleven points against their driver's license, you must take this course for a 2-point credit against your record. If you take the 2-point credit class, the State of Ohio will withhold suspending your license at 14 points rather than the usual 12 points. Courses for a 2-point credit can be taken up to five times in a lifetime, only once every three years. The State of Ohio will recognize your 2-point credit for up to two 2 years from the date you completed the class

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