Defensive Driving + Responsible Attitude = Safe Driving

Bick's Driving School of Eastern Cincinnati, Inc.

Cincinnati's most professional driving school in Goshen, OH

Bick's Driving School, established in 1967, is the oldest driving school in Cincinnati, with locations in Silverton and Goshen, OH, Bick's employs qualified, fully trained instructors who place a strong emphasis on individual attention. Each driver has a unique driving issue, some are nervous driving in heavy traffic, others have issues with precision and maneuverability, while others simply drive too fast. Our driving professionals strive to cur our student's bad driving habits and send each driver back on streets a safe, confident and defensive driver. Learn more at our driving school locations on our Silverton or Goshen Pages.

Training safe drivers is our passion and is the only business we do. Our number one priority is to provide the best training available.

Proud member of the Driving School Association of Ohio.

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