• What does the State of Ohio require for a license?

    The State of Ohio requires everyone under the age of 18 to take 24 hours of classroom driving lessons and eight hours of driving.

  • When can I start the class?

    A person must be at least 15 years and 5 months old to start classes.

  • Are your instructors licensed?

    The State of Ohio requires instructors to complete a 40-hour course of instruction. The State also checks all instructor's driving records and fingerprints for any criminal record. Most of our instructors are college graduates and also have other teaching certificates from the State Board of Education.

  • How do i change the contact form?

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  • How is the class taught?

    We teach classroom the traditional way, with the instructor leading a discussion or lecture on various teaching topics. We also use videos on driving topics that cannot be taught easily and a visual will help. Our instructors stress Defensive driving and Responsible Driving Attitudes in all classes.

  • Do they have to take all 6 classes in a row?

    No! Each classroom has a calendar of lessons and our scheduling office can help you with which classes are offered on each day. All classes are independent of each other so you can make your own schedule. It is required that each student attend and complete all six driving lesson classes.

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